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STAGECOACH 2020 ARRESTEES! Were you arrested for furnishing alcohol to a minor, misdemeanor minor in possession of alcohol, or any other related offenses at Stagecoach? If you were, you might have gotten a citation with an August court date on the bottom of the citation. The ABC cops might have told you that you can wait for a letter in the mail telling you if you have to go to court or not. THEY WERE LYING TO YOU! You will not get any letter in the mail from the court or DA. If you wait for that and no one appears in court for you when your case is called, they will issue a warrant for your arrest. You or an attorney that you hire must appear in court that date.

Best Lawyers for Stagecoach

In the past 10 years, Jimenez Law Office has represented hundreds of people who have been arrested for various offenses at Stagecoach Music Festival. Whether that be from felony sale and possession for sale of drugs, assault, misdemeanor drug possessions, fake ID’s, minors in possession of alcohol or anything else. We know how often law enforcement shows up at festivals as big as this one. Cops will be present during the entire show. Some will be obvious, some will be blended in the crowd. It is in your best interest to know your rights when going to Stagecoach. It could come in handy whether you believe you’ll need it or not.

With nearly 4o years of criminal defense, John and Jessica Jimenez have the knowledge and expertise to handle any arrest that comes your way. If you believe you were wrongfully arrested at Stagecoach, don’t wait another minute. Desert Defenders specializes in criminal defense in the Coachella Valley like no other law firm does. Our lawyers treat your case as if it was their own. We know how much fun a music festival should be. Cops and other law enforcement will go out of their way to find a reason to arrest you. Don’t let that happen to you.

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Use those rights, and then call us. We will be working the weekends of CoachellaFest and StageCoach. You can give us a call at (760) 345-4777 or text me at (760) 898-9348 anytime on one of those weekends or anytime before or after those weekends if you have questions, are getting hassled by the cops, need representation or just need to speak to someone about any related problem that you may have.

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