California has given the green light to resume production under new health protocols meant to minimize transmission of the Coronavirus. The protocols were agreed to by a task force of studios and union officials who drafted a 22-page White Paper setting forth guidelines.
However, shooting is subject to approval by county public health officials at the locations for each shoot.  The changes in production include elimination of buffet-style meals, greater sanitation and disinfection of equipment, and social distancing. 
Other changes include:
Disposable masks will need to be replaced each day and reusable masks will be cleaned each day.  There will also be increased access to hand washing stations and sanitizer.
Regular, periodic testing of the cast and crew will be used to mitigate the risk of the spread of COVID-19.
The use of face coverings when feasible on set or at production/studio facilities workspaces.
Crew lists, call sheets, production reports and other similar documents should be electronic, not paper, whenever possible.
Mealtimes should be staggered to avoid the gathering of large groups in the same location at the same time.
One or more COVID-19 Compliance Officer(s) with specialized training, responsibility and authority for COVID-19 safety compliance and enforcement will be in the workplace at all times during work hours. These officers shall be in charge of monitoring physical distancing, testing, symptom monitoring, disinfecting protocols, and PPE education.  All personnel will  have access to the COVID-19 Compliance Officer(s)  and know how to contact them.
Download the full white paper report here.

Download the Covid-10 Health Department guidelines here