In this past year of strange happenings in the world, the criminal court system has also gone strange on us. People’s constitutional rights to a speedy and public trial have seemingly been swept away by fears of a contagious virus. But all is not lost. If you are asking yourself who is the best criminal defense attorney near me to protect my rights during these strange times, then you have come to the right website for your rights to be protected.

Our office limits ourselves to cases in the Coachella Valley unless there is a good reason to have the best defense attorney possible in another area of Riverside or San Bernardino County. This means we know the territory and do not allow our cases to be ignored by the system (unless we want them to be).

We handle more DUI cases in our immediate geographic area than 95% of the other attorneys in the Valley. This is because people have come to recognize that when they want the best DUI attorney near them, they come to the Jimenez Law Offices for experienced and affordable representation. DUI arrests have not stopped during the pandemic, so why should we.

Jessica Jimenez Attorney

Jessica Jimenez has been recognized by her peers in the criminal justice system as one of the most aggressive and successful DUI attorneys in the Indio courthouse. She is also recognized by the many DMV hearing officers in the Inland Empire DMV Drivers Safety Office as the one attorney who is always prepared and who can find every possible defense for her clients in a driver’s license suspension hearing. And those hearings are still going on during the shut-down.

John Jimenez has 44 years of experience successfully defending criminal cases and it has earned him the reputation among other defense attorneys statewide, local prosecutors, judges and the criminally inclined population of being the best defense attorney to defend any case in this Coachella Valley area, no matter the facts or alleged evidence against a client.

John Jimenez AttorneyThis experience and aggressive approach to your defense means that the Jimenez Law Offices will see to it that your constitutional right to all of the guarantees that our forefathers gave to us and the sacred laws passed down to us will be protected for you…even during the COVID crisis.

The courts may try to keep you out to avoid the spread of the virus. But they can’t keep us away from appearing in court for you and giving you the same defense that you would put up for yourself, if you knew how to do what we can do.

A good defense attorney will fight to free you of the charges, whether you may be responsible for the behavior or not. The best criminal defense attorneys do not judge the acts of their clients. The best defense attorneys defend those acts, no matter what they are.

Give us a call now. We are not closed for any virus.

We are essential to your defense because we are near you and we can help you.

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