As a CPA you are an expert at advising your clients in tax optimization, business transactions, and all elements of their financial health and well-being.  But, what do you do when your client is being audited? 

If you need a good haircut you go to an experienced barber, if your client is being audited (civil or criminal) you need an expert Tax Attorney.  Anything else could leave them (and you) with the equivalent of a mullet. 

In the event of an IRS or EDD or other government entity audit, your client will have a limited time frame in which to respond.  Having the expertise of over 300 government audits allows our team to support your relationship with your client through the audit process while protecting you from being subpoenaed by the government entity performing the audit.  

The relationship with your client is the most important element to be preserved during an audit.  The Law Office of John D. Milikowsky is frequently called in by CPAs to support their clients in complex and stressful audit situations.  Our goal is to keep your client out of trouble and keep your relationship intact. We do not file taxes or have CPAs in-house, all we do is support individuals and businesses in IRS and other government audits. 

One of the first steps in the audit process is the collection of various documentation for further information. IRS will likely request additional details on supporting documents such as receipts, bills, legal papers, employment documents, etc. The partnership of tax attorney and CPA is crucial to meeting the rapid turnaround deadlines in audit situations.

When a client has partnered with their CPA to maintain proper organization of all of their records, supplying requested documents is expedited. Once these documents are handed over, a CPA’s involvement can be reduced to the trusted advisor that the client relies on for guidance throughout all of their business dealings.  

CPAs who refer clients to a tax attorney continue to play a critical role in the ease and completion of the IRS audit while protecting themselves from exposure to records-subpoena.

If your client has received notice of an audit from IRS, EDD, CFTB, or other government entity, reach out to the tax experts at Milikowsky Tax Law immediately. We keep businesses in business.

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