In our ongoing effort to maximize the effectiveness of a Zoom deposition, here are 2 more tips for your witnesses.

1. Be Your Own Cinematographer

Zoom depositions are visual statements as well as verbal ones, but instead of having a competent videographer assisting to make sure everything looks right, you, the witness, must do that yourself. So make sure that what’s behind you when you sit in front of your computer, laptop or tablet isn’t distracting. A blank wall is great if possible. If not, then something not too “interesting” or eye-catching. Plainer is better.

2. Check Your Lighting and Angles

Make sure that there is sufficient light to convey a clear image of you. Generally, head and shoulders are all that need to be seen, but “seen” is the key word. Too often, room lighting is dim and needs to be added to in some way. Be sure that your computer/laptop/tablet camera captures your whole face properly lit, not mostly your chin or forehead. This will take some advance preparation. Don’t leave your set-up to the last minute. Practice ahead of time, preferably the day before, so you can make whatever adjustments might be required.

More tips to come next month!