In our effort to be the best DUI and domestic violence attorneys in the Coachella Valley, we keep our eyes on the arrest trends of local law enforcement to be able to best determine how we can serve you. Because we monitor the daily arrest records of local law enforcement, we have seen a steady rise in the number of DUI and domestic violence arrests in our area since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Even though bars are closed, restaurants and liquor stores are still serving and selling as much alcohol as ever. And, since the pandemic hit us, more people have stayed home with their spouse, partner or kids. This has meant an increase in arrests when one party accuses another of violence because they are getting on each other’s nerves at home.

Arrested for a DUI?

If you are arrested for a DUI or domestic violence offense, you still need to defend yourself with DMV and/or with the courts. Both agencies are still open and working on modified schedules. We are making our usual excellent effort to keep up with what DMV hearing officers and local prosecutors want to see in a client to keep them from being slammed for their arrest.

Because you must defend yourself to keep your license and to avoid a court case or conviction, you want to look for the best DUI attorney near you to assist you with your case.

desert-defenders-arrestedWhen your drivers license is in jeopardy of being suspended or revoked at a DMV hearing, you want an attorney who knows what is happening at the DMV Drivers safety Office in San Bernardino where your case will be assigned for a telephone hearing. We know the hearing officers at that office because we do several hearings a month with those hearing officers. They know us and they recognize and respect us as being the best DMV attorneys in this area when it comes to fighting with them for our clients. So you want to call us as the best DMV hearing lawyers near you.

And if and when your DUI arrest case goes to court, we are the best DUI lawyers near you to take care of your case for you in court so that you yourself may not have to actually go to court to defend your case. We will be there for you!

Arrested for Domestic Violence?

The same is true for domestic violence arrests and cases as far as wanting to have the best domestic violence lawyer near you to try to persuade the district attorney’s office that they shouldn’t file the felony or misdemeanor charges against you in court. We know who the local prosecutors are in the Indio courthouse and we know what they are looking for when a domestic violence defense attorney approaches them with reasons why their client should not be actually charged with a case in court. When someone comes to us immediately after their arrest we have an opportunity to try to prevent charges from actually being filed against our client. If we can’t prevent the charges from being filed, we may still be able to make a difference as to whether the charge may be filed as a misdemeanor instead of a felony.

We are the best criminal defense attorneys near you if you live in the Coachella Valley. If you happen to be visiting our lovely area when you have the misfortune to be arrested for domestic violence or a DUI, then you should give us a call because we can make arrangements for your representation over the phone if you live too far away to meet with us in our office for a free consultation.

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