For more than 30 years, businesses in the United States have been enriched to the tune of nearly 7 billion dollars by foreign investors. The EB-5 Immigrant Investor program has provided countless opportunities by awarding about 30,000 U.S. visas that allow investors focused on creating jobs to secure green cards and paths to U.S. citizenship.
Qualifications mandate that businesses demonstrate that they can create ten new full-time jobs per each million invested. Companies in Targeted Employment Areas have to invest $500,000 for the same amount of employment opportunities.
In a short time, the popularity of the program has skyrocketed. Seven years ago saw 10,000 EB-5 visas issued, a record number and 25 percent jump from 2013. Since that time, $5 billion in direct investment has resulted in 85,000 new, full-time jobs.
Opportunities for businesses and job seekers
Business owners are signing up in record numbers with much credit given to the quick turnaround – rare for an immigration program –securing financing faster than a major bank or small business loan program. The popularity has seen Congress extending it by five times with more countries looking to get involved.
Increasing the chances of getting EB-5 funding requires certain factors:

Ensure that the business is marketable
Maintain transparency at every step of the process
Be willing to take difficult questions
Establish a regional center
Create a buffer in the number of jobs to protect investors

While hard work helps, the final “piece” of the immigration “puzzle” may come in the form of legal counsel to navigate you through the myriad levels of bureaucracy, not to mention attracting investors. A skilled attorney remaining at your side throughout the entire process can help you achieve your goals.