August is national Make A Will Month, and a good time to make sure that your planning documents are in place.  Just under half of U.S. adults say that they have created a will or plan for how they would like for their estate to be handled after their death.  The Trusts and Estates attorneys at Weintraub Tobin have written frequently on this blog about the importance of having an estate plan, and about the difficulties (and even litigation) that heirs can face when a will is not in place.

If you have not created a will (or if your documents need to be updated), this is your month! Here are some resources:

But I’m Too Young to Have a Will!, by Carlena Tapella

Court Clears Up Confusion Regarding the Limitations Period to File A Lawsuit Based On A Promise To Make A Will by Ed Corey

Estate Planning 101: Back to Basics by Sophia Y. Cizmarik

This Time, It’s Personal: Beware The Misleading Use of “Personal Property” In Your Estate Planning Documents by Leslie R. Kolaf

With Right of Survivorship – or Perhaps Not? by Carlena L. Tapella

And You Are? Long Lost Relatives Need to Prove Up Their Entitlement to Inherit by Danielle Diebert

What Aretha Franklin’s Estate Teaches Us About the Pitfalls of Handwritten Wills, by Danielle Diebert

The Tale of Choupette the Cat and Other Common Issues in Trust and Estate Litigation by Danielle Diebert

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