Now that we are back in the courtroom as opposed to our above-the-waist-only position on Zoom, our witnesses/experts’ body language is once again relevant.

In working with witnesses, I developed the “Power Sit” – my shorthand for “Please sit up straight, your back against the back of the chair, with your head level, arms on the arms of the chair,” because experience showed me that witnesses who sit this way, demonstrating good posture, are deemed more credible by jurors.

How does this work?

         – The “Power Sit” bolsters your witnesses’ self-confidence and self-esteem, a consequence of self-respect. Your witnesses are more likely to give credible testimony because they feel better about themselves.

         – Your witnesses are more likely to be perceived by jurors as credible and persuasive, because in our society, those who maintain good posture are considered worthy of respect.

It then stands to reason, that with just a little attention to your own posture, whether sitting at counsel table, standing at the podium or in the well, you can be an even more powerful and convincing litigator. Every little bit helps when it comes to winning your case.