Traffic rules save drivers from unwanted incidents, such as a crash in California. Sadly, several people disobey traffic laws and put their lives at risk. Amongst all violations, running a red light is the most common. Red-light running crashes in California have seen a significant increase over the years.

People end up with all kinds of injuries and wounds after a red-light running crash. Even though it is a preventable incident, the negligence of some drivers puts many individuals at risk. Someone injured in a crash involving a traffic violation can ask for compensation. All that you will need is evidence to show the driver’s misconduct.

California experiences a significant number of crashes each year. In 2019, the state witnessed 3,316 fatal crashes. Amongst them, many occurred due to red-light running. People are always in a hurry and sometimes break traffic rules. One person’s negligence can become a problem for another.

Not only do drivers injure themselves, but, hurt they hurt others as well. The damage might remain under control with a single car, but the same can’t be said for multiple vehicles. People who suffer losses due to another driver’s negligence should file a compensation case. Since an individual broke the red light, they should pay for it.

Which Evidence Helps You Prove a Driver’s Negligence in a Red-Light Running Crash in California?

To prove someone’s fault in a red-light running crash in California, you need the following pieces of evidence:

Red Light Camera Video:

Red-light traffic cameras prove to be a strong piece of evidence. Even if they are not allowed in certain places, they remain functional. Therefore, you can obtain the video evidence and present it in court. It proves to be helpful for your case and determines fault.

Surveillance Footage from Nearby Cameras:

Every intersection might not have an active camera, but nearby buildings do. If you need to prove someone’s crime, you can get videos from the nearby areas. Places like gas stations or hotels usually have surveillance cameras on all sides. These come in handy for your case. So, after a crash, try to observe your surroundings to find cameras.


Another way to prove someone’s traffic violation is by using the testimony of pedestrians. People on the road must have observed the entire incident. They can help you by giving their statement against the negligent driver. To get testimonies, you will need to get in touch with various people. Hiring a lawyer is a feasible option at this time because they can help you locate witnesses. Even people in nearby buildings can become your witnesses.

Damage to the Vehicles and Nearby Area:

Nowadays, technology has improved to a great extent. You can reconstruct the entire incident with the help of tools and experts. In traffic violation cases, lawyers can help you reconstruct the incident with the help of the damages sustained by the vehicles. A reconstruction expert can quickly determine the cause of the crash by looking at the damaged car.

Police Report:

Police reports are concrete evidence in determining fault. After a crash, victims need to file a complaint so that a police officer can look into the matter. The officer determines the reason for the incident and highlights the issue. Their observations will be present in the police report, which can become a crucial piece of evidence.

What Are the Reasons for Red-Light Running Crashes?

Such crashes are caused by:

  • Poor weather conditions
  • Driving under the influence
  • Distracted driving

All of these reasons result in massive crashes. From fractures to cuts and bruises, people experience significant problems. Not only do you suffer physical losses, but, also face monetary damage.

Limitations and Legal Liabilities Associated with Red-Light Running Cases:

Motor vehicle crashes can get complicated. In case of a red light running, whoever violated the traffic rules is at fault. Victims can demand a good amount of money from the other party, but they will need to file a lawsuit to get compensation. People need to file a lawsuit within two years of the accident so that their claim remains valid.

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