Can poor construction lead to a case for wrongful death in California? Construction companies have a responsibility to make strong structures that protect their residents. Sadly, it is not the case every time. When buildings collapse due to construction mistakes, the results are catastrophic. It is a genuine problem leading to wrongful deaths in California.

If you or your loved ones suffer due to a construction mistake, then pursue the matter in court. Construction mistakes can harm hundreds of people. From fractures to deaths, the collapse of a building can lead to several forms of destruction. Individuals can file lawsuits against the company responsible for faulty construction and claim compensation.

Within California, multiple cases of building collapse have come to light. The state has 20,000 buildings that have more than 14 stories. Within these skyscrapers, hundreds of people live with their families and loved ones. The loss of even a single building can make things miserable for several people. That is why building safety matters the most. Families affected by such incidents should take immediate steps to protect their rights.

How to Build a Case for Wrongful Death in California Due to Building Collapse

Building collapse can create havoc in an individual’s life. It doesn’t only result in wrongful death in California but also leads to pain and misery. Therefore, the victim has every right to file a lawsuit against the people at fault. However, to take such matters in court, you need to have some background information.

First of all, it is essential to know about the building before it collapsed. Get information about the builder and their history. Some construction companies make mistakes just for the sake of profit, and that makes them responsible for all the deaths.

Along with the history of the builder, try to find out the structural damages that were present within the building before it collapsed. If the building owner was aware of the damages and still did nothing, it makes them responsible for the incident. Surviving members of the family can recover damages from such people. You can ask the party at fault to pay for medical expenses, lost wages, future losses, and suffering.

Common Reasons for Building Collapses:

Despite building codes, several factors lead to building collapses. These include:

  • Lack of effective planning
  • The weak foundation of the building
  • Improper designing of the structure
  • Use of second hand or cheap material
  • Poor workmanship
  • Lack of maintenance of the building

Often builders and owners do not follow construction rules and regulations. They make serious mistakes that put hundreds of individuals in danger. Even a slight flaw in the design can make the core of the building weak.

Preventing Building Collapses:

Every construction company should take into account several factors before taking on a project. With a few safety measures, you can save countless lives. Companies should focus on every stage including, designing, construction, and maintenance. Whether you are a vendor, contractor, or subcontractor, perform a thorough inspection of the building.

How Can Legal Assistance Come in Handy?

When dealing with a building collapse case, you will need legal help. To win a wrongful death in California, individuals will need to prove negligence in court using evidence.

Construction giants try their best to protect their name and reputation. Winning against them and their massive legal team is not easy. However, a lawyer knows how to handle your case. Once you involve an attorney from the start, your case goes in the right direction.

It might feel awkward to contact a legal team after a catastrophe, but it is the right thing to do.

Hire the Best Building Collapse Injury Attorneys in California:

Wrongful death in California is a serious matter. That is why our experienced attorneys are there to help you at all times. We have skilled professionals who handle every complication. They can take on construction giants and get you the compensation you deserve.

If you lost a family member due to a building collapse, the fault lies with the construction company or the owner of the building. The party at fault needs to pay you compensation. Our team makes sure that you get your rightful share of compensation to help you cope with the financial burdens as you grieve for your loved one. Call us to set up a free-of-cost appointment today. We will listen to your matter and advise you accordingly.