Business & Legal Developments in Silicon Valley | March 2022


As the snow begins to melt from the slopes of the Sierra Nevadas, Silicon Valley’s #bigtech companies have announced a return to the office. After spending the last two years working almost exclusively on a remote basis, we are all on the edge of our seats to see what the future of work looks like. Meanwhile, the world has become increasingly mired in a conflict that we all saw coming, but still leaves us shocked and in disbelief. In Silicon Valley, we #StandWithUkraine and are responding by supporting Nova Ukraine.

While bigtech and life science companies in the public markets have seen a significant correction to valuations in terms of multiples of revenue, which is slowly trickling down to late-stage and now mid-stage private market deals for tech businesses, we continue to find that it’s an entrepreneur’s market for capital raising, with investors continue to compete ferociously to get into the best deals. Clean energy tech deals are back in action, and life sciences are seeing some challenges but still getting deals done. Web3, Metaverse, DApp and DeFi deals continue to outperform, particularly with business models that tokenize products. Our team continues to work with some of the most prolific content creators, entrepreneurs and investors to create new platforms aligned with new technology paradigms, and all over the world.

We are always available to help you brainstorm legal and business challenges, foster new introductions, and to help you build.

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