Andre Thiollier and Louis Lehot of Foley & Lardner to Participate in Livestream Series with Bret Waters and 4thly Accelerator: Legal Considerations for High Growth Startups

Episode Two: Venture Capital Term Sheets

Andre Thiollier and Louis Lehot, partners with Foley & Lardner, are participating in a special livestream series for founders in collaboration with Bret Waters and the 4thly Accelerator, “Legal considerations for high-growth startups.” The series looks at the legal issues every startup founder should understand.

The second livestream event in this series, “Venture Capital Term Sheets,” takes place on Wednesday, May 11 at 11am PT.

When a VC is ready to invest, they will give you a Term Sheet outlining their proposed terms of their investment. Thiollier and Lehot will discuss the importance of understanding that term sheet (and the implications of each of the points) and why this is crucial for founders and existing shareholders. He will also examine which terms should you negotiate, and which should you accept.

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