We invite you to join us for this unique cross-over event that focuses on co-ownership and division of real property and real estate businesses from Superior, Family and Probate Court perspectives. Register here: https://buff.ly/3uZb1pQ j

I will moderate and our distinguished speakers will be Steven Kahn from Hoge Fenton, Hon. Julie Emede, Santa Clara County Superior Court, Julia McDowell of Hoover Krepelka and Erin Norcia of Temmerman, Cilley & Kohlmann.

The program is co-sponsored by the Santa Clara and Contra Costa County Bar Associations.

Here is a course description:

  • Tenants-In-Common Agreements; ‘Romantic Partners’ purchasing real property together;
  • Joint Tenancy; Community Property; LLC operating agreements; Partnership agreements.
  • Formation; operations; addition and exits of members; dissolution; partition; remedies.
  • Linkages between advance planning, pitfalls in division of property, valuation issues.
  • Partition actions.
  • Business partners in tenancy in common, partnerships or LLCs who own real estate and a real estate business and need to split up.
  • Marital issues in divorce involving ownership of real estate, real estate businesses and professional practices.
  • Family issues in death of one or both parents involving ownership of real estate, real estate businesses; multi-generational family business issues
  • How these various scenarios are resolved in court and through litigation
  • Finding good valuation experts

Register here: https://buff.ly/3uZb1pQ j


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