Natasha Allen and Louis Lehot of Foley & Lardner to Participate in Livestream Series with Bret Waters and 4thly Accelerator: Legal Considerations for High Growth Startups

Episode One: Incorporating Your Startup

Natasha Allen and Louis Lehot, partners with Foley & Lardner, are participating in a special livestream series for founders in collaboration with Bret Waters and the 4thly Accelerator, “Legal considerations for high-growth startups.” The series looks at the legal issues every startup founder should understand.

The first livestream event in this series, “Incorporating Your Startup,” takes place on Wednesday, May 4 at 11am PT.

Allen and Lehot will explore issues related to incorporation, such as selecting they type of legal entity to form (C-Corp., S-Corp., LLC, B-Corp.), deciding on a jurisdiction (Delaware, Nevada, Canada), and the importance of making the right choice now to optimize your operating and fundraising efforts in the future.

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