Companies across every industry are jumping into NFTs, seeking to seize what they perceive as huge business opportunities. Attorneys working in the space see myriad reasons to be bullish, despite a recent plunge in NFT sales and a host of tricky legal and regulatory issues companies entering the field must navigate.

⚠️ Missing opportunities in this emerging field could be catastrophic. Businesses that fail to evolve will cease to be competitive.

⚠️ Those making such moves are undeterred by a nearly 92% drop in NFT sales in the first week of May, compared with the all-time high last September.

⚠️ NFT startups raised $2.4 billion in the first quarter, representing 25% of all blockchain funding, which shows the market is going strong, and has barely slowed despite the transaction drop.

The flow of capital into new transactions is still at a breakneck pace. We’ve got deals as if nothing happened in the public markets.

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