Authored by Louis Lehot and Andre ThiollierMany startups perceive insurance as a luxury, shelving it until they are further along in the company’s lifecycle. However, any business serious about sustainable growth should not postpone this decision.There is always a risk is involved in the process of starting and growing a company. Having adequate insurance is key to the success

Friends,Despite another pandemic wave (with all of the disruption, confinement, illness and tragic loss of life), we begin a brand new year with boundless optimism, positivity and creativity, inspired by our brilliant and resilient clients and teammates. The path from garage to global seems to be getting shorter and flatter by the day…In this first 2022 edition of our monthly

Though many of us naively strolled into 2021 thinking nothing could be as frighteningly eventful as 2020, in the law community those notions were quickly dispelled. As the pandemic wore on and laws in the state continued to adjust on a daily basis, California’s ever-changing legal landscape got even more complicated. Part of tracking legal news for CEB and writing

Business & Legal Developments in Silicon Valley | December 2021Friends,This month, as a new variant of the coronavirus went viral called “omicron,” our universe has once again retreated into the metaverse, and we aren’t sure if anyone is ever coming back. “Metaverse” has taken over the much maligned and previously referenced “augmented reality” and “virtual reality” (or “AR/VR”) sectors, and now

INTRODUCTION. The Brown Act applies to meetings of local government elected and appointed bodies and is a complex statute governing how government officials behave.  Government Code section 54957.5 requires local governments to make materials distributed to members of a Brown Act body in the 72 hours before a meeting (i.e., after the agenda is typically posted) available to the public

Introduction. Governor Newsom signed AB 602 (Grayson, D-Concord) on September 28, 2021 to change how cities and counties impose impact development impact fees on housing. It is effective January 1, 2022, with some provisions deferred to July 1, 2022.
The new statute. Cities and counties may levy impact fees on new housing to pay for the services needed to support

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An initial public offering (IPO) is a crucial time in the life of a company and its stakeholders. Initial investors, employees, and executives can profit from the public listing, and the company can raise additional capital. But IPOs come with a number of limitations, some required and some just common. Today, lock-up agreements, once a common feature of IPOs,

Friends,Welcome to another edition of our monthly newsletter. Our team remains extremely busy and continues to grow! Similarly, the tech world is consistently evolving and changing, to which we’re honored to support our clients on emerging issues and share our insights with you. This edition highlights our team’s work in a variety of industries, including startup financing, NFTs, and data

This checklist should help those involved in creating NFT marketplaces navigate the legal metaverse.By Catherine Zhu and Louis LehotWith the growing interest from consumers and asset managers, investors as well as entrepreneurs interested in digital assets, we have created this checklist for monetizing items with unique artistic content characteristics through nonfungible tokens (NFTs).We have seen businesses that aggregate content to