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A lot of California divorces are uncontested. Both spouses acknowledge that the relationship is over and work together to decide key issues like child custody and support, property division, and alimony. Sometimes a divorce becomes contested when there’s a disagreement in any of these matters, but ultimately resolution can be achieved through negotiation or litigation.
When your spouse doesn’t respond

In California, the divorce process can take months or even years, depending on whether you have children, the size and complexity of the marital estate, and whether there is a dispute that requires litigation to resolve. For example, if you and your spouse have only been together a couple of years and have no children, your case will be less

Child custody and support are two separate arrangements in California, but under the state’s timeshare custody rule, they impact one another. 
When you and your spouse (or the court) create a custody agreement, one parent typically ends up with fewer hours per week than the other. This parent is the one who will be responsible for paying child support, but

The holidays are upon us, and for family law attorneys, that means clients who need extra support in navigating co-parenting arrangements. Added stress can come during this season in the form of disruption to the normal time-sharing schedule with children, multiple family gatherings, pressure from extended family, travel, and financial strain. Give your clients a little extra cheer with these

Although there are several barriers that impede access to justice for domestic violence survivors seeking court-ordered protection, two of these barriers are being addressed head-on by the passage of Assembly Bill 887: in-person court filings and access to self-help information.

Introduced by Assemblymember Marc Levine (D-Marin) and signed into law by Governor Newsom on October 8, 2021, AB 887

When you are facing divorce as a physician with a private practice, issues like property division and child custody become more complicated, even if the separation is amicable. In fact, there are several unique concerns during the process of divorcing as a doctor, including:

  • Putting together a custody and visitation schedule
  • Valuing the medical practice and dividing the marital estate

When couples divorce in California, one of the biggest questions that arises is who gets what? Like child custody and visitation, property division is one of the most emotionally challenging aspects of divorce because cars, homes, and other personal property can represent years of hard work and/or sentimental value.
California is a community property state. This means that in general,