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The Domestic Violence Prevention Act (Fam. Code, §§ 6200-6409) authorizes a court to issue a protective order enjoining a party from engaging in specified acts, including threatening or harassing the other party or disturbing the peace of the other party. “Disturbing the peace of the other party” is broadly defined as “conduct that destroys the mental or emotional calm of

In many divorces, spouses’ pensions and other retirement accounts will be among the highest-value assets they want to protect during their divorce. From IRAs and 401ks to pension plans, these accounts are often the most valuable assets to be divided in a divorce proceeding.

Pensions and retirement accounts are in many ways treated similarly to other types of assets, including

With over 200 languages and dialects spoken in California, court interpreters are essential to breaking down the language barriers that inhibit many Californians from accessing our courts. According to the statewide Language Access Plan Report adopted by the Judicial Council of California in 2015, approximately 40% of Californians speak a language that isn’t English at home, and approximately 20% have

Parenting plans attempt to provide stability and consistency for children and their families. A well-crafted parenting plan encourages flexibility but provides certainty for circumstances when parents disagree. In 2020, a global pandemic created extraordinary challenges, and rendered many parenting plans obsolete. The pandemic closed many courts, and left the rest with very limited calendars and unable to respond to the

One of the most difficult aspects of any divorce involving children is making custody decisions. As parents, you want to minimize the impact of your divorce on your children. You also want to make sure that you still get to spend as much time as possible with your kids.

A potential solution is a co-parenting arrangement known as “nesting”. With

There are some grave situations in which a concerned parent or family member may have the full right to petition a California court for an emergency hearings child custody that helps grant an order regarding custody or visitation with a troubling parent. One of the main reasons why parents will petition for an emergency child custody hearing is to get

Couples will always break up in unique ways, but typically there will be a point in which a married couple will separate and live apart prior to completing their divorce settlement. When a separated couple lives in different states, the divorce settlement process can become somewhat more complicated. You just see the divorce spouse blog.

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For divorcing spouses who want to end their marriage without resorting to litigation, there are a few options available. One of these options is divorce mediation. In mediation, the spouses and their respective attorneys work with a neutral third-party mediator, who, unlike a judge, does not render any binding decisions. Instead, the mediator’s role is to help the spouses come