Personal Injury

The passing of a family member, regardless of whether it is anticipated or sudden, is often one of the most difficult situations for a family. The loss of a loved one affects everyone differently, but to properly grieve, families are often tasked with handling the arrangements following the death of their loved one. Depending on religious affiliations and preferences, families

Electric bikes, commonly known as eBikes, are bicycles that feature a motor that assists in the operation of the bike. Electric bicycles are becoming increasingly popular and quite commonplace on roads and in cities throughout California.
Is an electric bike safe?
Because an electric bike operates at higher speeds than traditional bikes, a greater risk of injury does exist when

California has universal strict liability laws that apply to dog bites and animal attacks. However, dog leash laws are not universal, and navigating the laws that apply to dog owners can be confusing depending on where the attack occurred. 
If an attack occurred on a dog owner’s property – the owner of the dog may not have been required to

Samer Habbas & Associates is representing a victim of this accident and encourages anyone involved in, with knowledge of, or for comment on the accident to contact our firm at (888) 848-5084. Our team is investigating the matter. 
More than a dozen people were injured in a crash on Friday, June 3rd when a Greyhound bus traveling from Los Angeles