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Now that the 2021 legislative session has closed, personal injury lawyers should be aware of new statutory changes taking effect on January 1, 2022.

Survival statute allows claims for pain and suffering

If a personal injury plaintiff dies during the litigation, the plaintiff’s estate may pursue the action under Code of Civil Procedure section 377.34, California’s “survival statute”—except that traditionally

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It depends on what you mean by “win.” Let’s define some words first.

Slip and fall cases are a type of premises liability.

Premises liability cases involve 1) premises, such as a shopping stores, parking lots, or grocery stores; and 2) liability, or responsibility, for injuries on the premises. The liability generally belongs

As e-commerce has continued to expand and evolve, courts have grappled with determining who is liable when a product is defective. Jurisdictions remain divided over whether online retailers are immune from suits when a third party sells a product on its marketplace. However, California courts have not only affirmed this possibility, but recently broadened that liability.

In August 2020, California’s

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Can a guard remove you from a bar?

The short answer is no, generally speaking. Here’s why.

Private security guards are not police. Don’t forget that. They are employees of a private business open to the public. They are not police.

Security guards are there to prevent, observe,

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Delivery drivers include Amazon, Uber Eats, DoorDash, Instacart, and similar companies. What if a delivery driver injures you in a car crash? Who’s responsible?

This is the easy part: the delivery driver is responsible. California law provides that every person is responsible for his or her

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In almost all cases, the City of San Diego will be responsible for a water main break in San Diego. That’s because the City of San Diego owns the water conveyance infrastructure of which the water main is a part. It’s the City’s property so the

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Here’s a summary of how to calendar dates for use in California courts.

Know that “days” mean calendar days, and that “court days” are days the court is open for business (e.g. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays).

How To Calendar Dates In California Court

  • Exclude First Day Always exclude the first day.
  • Let the punishment be equal with the offense.


    Lots of discovery responses are garbage. What to do? Consider discovery sanctions. Here’s a brief primer.

    First, you need to determine the statute allowing discovery sanctions. There are several. Each discovery method has its own sanction provision. For interrogatories, see CCP § 2030.090, CCP § 2030.290, CCP § 2030.300, and CCP

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    Here are general steps you should take to file a business interruption claim in California, along with some helpful information.


    Do you have business interruption insurance? If so, do you know what it covers and what the limits are? Do you know how you’re supposed to give