Probate & Estate Planning

Traditionally, the creation of a valid will, in California and elsewhere, required strict adherence to certain formalities.  Estate law has been tepidly moving away from requiring compliance with those formalities, with a goal of prioritizing the intent of the person creating the will (the “Testator”).  Nine states have gone so far as to enact laws that authorize electronic wills.

The question of where to file probate for a California bank account, when the person who died lived in another state or country, brings into play what are called the ancillary probate rules.  Ancillary probate essentially means there are assets in two “states” and by state that could include a foreign nation.
In cases where there is real estate in

I ask the question why are many attorneys so slow but really the question for today is why are some California probate attorneys so slow… and the converse… why are we SO EFFICIENT?
I have heard countless times over the year compliments such as:
“you are so efficient”
“you always get back to me so fast”
“I never thought an

Operators of skilled nursing facilities want their patients to enter into arbitration agreements.  While such agreements don’t eliminate the risk of litigation, they at least reduce the expense and exposure associated with potential jury trials.
California appellate courts, however, have taken an ever narrower view of who can sign arbitration agreements on behalf of patients.  Just over the last few years,