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The First Appellate District held that the Regents of the University of California failed to comply with CEQA in certifying the project EIR for its student housing project at People’s Park. Make UC a Good Neighbor v. Regents of University of Cal. (2023 WL 2205638, Feb. 24, 2023). Specifically, the court ruled that the Regents failed to provide a valid

Attorneys from Perkins Coie presented the 33rd Annual Land Use and Development Law Briefing on January 31, 2023.

Topics included:

  • Key Developments in Land Use Law
  • Legislative Changes Impacting Housing
  • Real Estate Due Diligence
  • CEQA: Key Cases, Legislation and Trends
  • Climate Change and CEQA / CARB Scoping Plan
  • Wetlands and Endangered Species Update

A full set of the written materials,

California Code of Civil Procedure 873.690 is the California partition statute that states who is ineligible to purchase the subject property in a partition action:

(a) The following persons shall not purchase property sold in the action directly or indirectly:

(1) The referee.(2) The attorney of a party.(3) The guardian or conservator of a party, unless for the benefit of

A hotel owner brought a lawsuit against a county transportation authority and a general contractor for nuisance and inverse condemnation alleging that the construction of an underground subway line disrupted the operation of the hotel and caused various problems, such as noise and dust, which interfered with the use and enjoyment of the property and resulted in monetary damages. The

California Code of Civil Procedure 873.940 is the California partition statute that allows the court to appoint referees in a partition by appraisal:

The court shall appoint one referee or, if provided in the agreement, three referees to appraise the property and the interests involved. The referee shall report the valuations and other findings to the court in writing

California Code of Civil Procedure 873.930 is the California partition statute that allows parties to submit an agreement to the court and gives the court authority to approve that agreement in a partition by appraisal:

(a) Any party to the agreement may, upon noticed motion, apply to the court for approval of the agreement.

(b) If the court determines that the


Old East Davis Neighborhood Association v. City of Davis 73 Cal. App. 5th 895 (2022)

The court of appeal upheld the City’s determination that a mixed-use development was consistent with general plan policies requiring new buildings to maintain scale transition and provide an architectural fit with the neighborhood. The court observed that the applicable policies did not