If your business is experiencing an EDD audit, it’s important to know what to expect. Founder and managing attorney at Milikowsky Tax Law, John Milikowsky, breaks down the EDD audit process and the frequently asked questions that come with an EDD audit. 
John explains, “What you can expect from us, whether you have a balance owed to the IRS or

Tax reform discussions in Congress for the week of October 17 have included possibly not including tax increases. Are taxes too high already? Perhaps. But they are also quite uneven in their application.  Here are a few examples:

  • Vastly different rates exist for capital gain versus ordinary income for very high income individuals. A wage earner with over $400,000 of

That mountain of money Congress authorized back in March as “fiscal relief funding” for state, local, territorial, and tribal governments? 
Since early May, the Treasury Department has been shoveling it out the door as fast as it can, but a big chunk of that “whopping $3.5 billion” remains. 
And “money doesn’t just spend itself….”  
It needs our

The Upswell Summit 2021 takes place this week virtually bringing together “thousands of changemakers, hundreds of speakers, brilliant thought leaders, inspired innovators, and powerful creators to unleash civil society’s fullest potential.”

Our shared purpose: building a racially just and healthy society where every person can thrive.

Othering & Belonging Conference – Highlights

This year’s Upswell Summit registration offered the opportunity

In March of this year I wrote two blog articles on how the new Biden administration would not enforce and was likely going to change the Trump administration’s Department of Labor final rule on environmental, social, and govenrnance (ESG) investing in ERISA plans that became effective January 12, 2021.  See “New President, New Hope, New ESG Policy. . .

In 2019, California only partially conformed to the section 1031 changes made by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. For individuals below speified AGI levels in the year an exchange begins, the pre-TCJA version applies. These levels are under $500,000 of AGI for MFJ and HH and under $250,000 for single.Besides real property, what might individuals exchange? Well today, the

Starting a business rarely begins with a strategic checklist of all of the resources necessary to run and scale successfully. Rather, many, if not most businesses start because the founder has a passion or skill that is exceptional and in-demand and they grow from there.  Because of this, many business owners find themselves at strategic points in their growth with