In the final part of our three-part series “how to respond to an IRS audit in 2022,” we’re focusing on the actual response to Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
Watch the video below to learn more from Milikowsky Tax Law’s Founder and Managing Attorney, John Milikowsky, as he explains how to craft the right response.
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Many well-intended individuals who want to work on addressing public, social, and environmental needs think about starting a charitable nonprofit. Founding and leading a nonprofit may be viewed as a badge of significance and honor. But before moving forward, founders of a charitable venture should first consider the alternatives.

Similarly, lawyers and bar associations asked to assist in the formation

I’ll admit I don’t completely understand Cryptocurrencies or “Crypto” for short.  And without wanting to sound immodest, I’m not unintelligent or inexperienced in the world of investments or employee benefits, business, or the law.  Therefore, I will not try to explain it or how it works in this brief blog articles, there are plenty of other articles you can find

Today marks the 15th anniversary of my blog. I still try to post at least once per week on a tax policy matter and hope for comments and discussion to promote greater focus on various tax policy issues that exist in our current tax systems and in proposals to make tax changes. I also note where provisions and proposals meet