It used to be that in a world full of malware and spy technology designed to harvest our personal data, one of the few places that federal law made the public feel protected was the doctor’s office. But imagine that, after disclosing sensitive information about your medical conditions in an online portal for a prominent health care facility, you started

The Florida Bar recommended to the Supreme Court to reject reform proposals to test allowing nonlawyer ownership in law firms, fee splitting with nonlawyers, and broadly expanding the work paralegals.
In a letter to Chief Justice Charles Canady responding to the controversial report of the Supreme Court’s Special Committee to Improve the Delivery of Legal Services, Bar President Mike Tanner

Mendocino County has been officially due for a new courthouse for more than 20 years — and unofficially, probably even longer. The superior court facility in Ukiah wasn’t even supposed to be a courthouse in the first place; it was first constructed to house the county’s administrative offices. Part of it was built in the 1920s, the other part in

The innocuous-looking email to a new law associate seemed harmless enough. The heading in the inbox simply read, “Are you around? I need some help.”At first glance, the address appeared to come from the firm’s managing partner, though one of the letters in the boss’s name was misspelled. But the opportunity for the eager associate to look smart and dependable

A federal judge on Tuesday denied a group of internet service providers’ request for a preliminary injunction of California’s net neutrality law, clearing the way for the state to enforce the landmark legislation.

California adopted SB 822 in 2018, requiring internet service providers (ISPs) to treat all web communications equally, prohibiting them from prioritizing or discriminating against traffic and from

A gross oversimplification of the English common law system is that the law aims to punish evil and protect property. More often than not this gets shunted into the categories of criminal and civil law. In the age of monarchy and feudal obligations, the legal profession was relegated to an even smaller minority of literate people. Often times this minority

A California federal judge on Wednesday dismissed a suit alleging that YouTube and its parent company Google discriminate against LGBTQ content creators, holding that a recent Ninth Circuit ruling precludes the plaintiffs’ claims that the companies unconstitutionally restrict speech.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Virginia DeMarchi held that the plaintiffs’ claims under the First Amendment can’t survive after Prager University v. Google

Evan Walker, a Southern California personal injury attorney, is still paying the rent on his law office in La Jolla, but he hasn’t been there since the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in the United States. His wife is an infectious disease physician, and they have two young boys, so he isn’t taking any chances.

Working from home was an adjustment at

Examining the etymology of a word can reveal a lot about the relationships it has with other ideas. If you’re in a relationship, a significant milestone is meeting the parents of your romantic partner. As you get to know your partner’s parents you learn more about your partner. Likewise, a word is born from a specific cultural and historical context.

I. Introduction
There is a crisis of attention according to Matthew Crawford. Today, it’s a well-worn cliche that we are in an age of ever-increasing distraction. Many, if not most of us start on tasks only to be interrupted by a series of distracting notifications or internal itches to look at social media or other digital enticements. Those of