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I saw this article and knew my readers would be interested. We have had several Covid-19 or Coronavirus deaths in our office in the past year. As a lawyer who is 100% focused on probate court cases, or death cases, I have seen more than my fair share. This could be a resource for those facing the hurdle of paying

We have discussed California Spousal Property Petitions (SPPs) before. As a refresher an SPP is an abbreviated probate procedure used to clear title to property when a spouse dies. It doesn’t work in all cases but it works in many where one spouse dies and there is a surviving spouse. It works for both community and separate property. It deals

Sadly forging a will in California probate and other probate court fraud does happen. No, I do not know of any specific situations but it happens. Sadly, the laws are sort of loose.
For example, did you know you don’t need a death certificate to file for probate? Why is that?  It seems to me a certified copy of a