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Following the recent list of California’s new employment laws, such as non-disclosure restrictions and enhanced wage theft laws, is a movement centered around the minimum wage, hours, and working conditions for fast food workers. As of early this month, California has started considering a proposal to negotiate these items for the fast food industry on a statewide level. 

The new list of employment laws that have gone into effect since the new year includes a required minimum wage for garment workers, 100% gratuity from food delivery apps sent to the driver, and more. 
Employment Media Expert Angela Reddock-Wright recently spoke on these matters on Spectrum News 1, mostly focusing on how the garment industry will change in

On December 7, 2021, Angela Reddock-Wright made an appearance on KNBC-4 TV news to discuss strategies for quitting your job without burning a bridge, in wake of the 2021 employment trend dubbed The Great Resignation
To avoid any legal ramifications after resigning, Reddock-Wright suggests that workers be aware of whether their employment status is either “at-will” or under contract.

Part four of California’s upcoming list of employment law changes is centered around the ABC test for independent contractors, which will include exception extensions for certain businesses starting in 2022. Through Assembly Bill 1506, such exceptions will stretch through the end of 2024. 
The ABC test is a legal way for employers to prove that a worker should be

Up until the end of this year, employer violations of wage provisions in California have been classified as mere misdemeanors. However, this past September 2021, Governor Newsom signed off on Assembly Bill No. 1003 (AB 1003) which will render alleged intentional wage theft a felony in California, meaning it will be punishable as a form of grand theft come the

Governor Newsom’s recent list of new employment laws, set to go into effect January 1, 2022, includes a number of changes to wage theft repercussions, employee severance agreements, leaves of absence, and more. Among these additions is SB 331, which expands the state’s restrictions on the use of non-disclosure and non-disparagement provisions in settlement agreements for employment law matters. 

In uplifting news, California once again generated more new jobs than any other state with 97,000 openings in October 2021, accounting for nearly 20% of the country’s total job gains for the month despite effects of The Great Resignation. Over the past nine months straight, the state has averaged six-figure job growth in a rapid recovery from the economic turmoil

Several new employment laws have been cleared for 2022 this past year, adding and changing clauses concerning non-disclosure agreements, expansion of the CA Family Right Act, wage theft, and several others amid unprecedented back-to-work incentives. Although it’s not a new law, there’s another change that will go into effect come January 2022: the minimum wage increase in California. These