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Ring in the new year by preparing your business for new California workplace laws! The past year has had human resource professionals scrambling to keep up. The California Legislature passed several laws that will affect California employers. Our employment law attorneys have listed “22 for 2022” new employment laws that you need to know about as we head into the

It is likely that President Biden’s administration will implement a mandatory vaccine policy for all private-sector employers with 100 or more employees. Failure to comply with the policy will result in significant fines (up to $13,600 per violation). This sounds simple on its face, but what if you do not have 100 employees; or, what if one of your employees

None of us can predict what will happen in D.C., but we can take steps now to prepare for changes coming in the near future.

As we write this commentary, Congress and the White House are negotiating over proposed legislation which, if enacted in its current form, would significantly change tax laws that impact estate planning.

The latest proposals, incorporated

On Friday, September 17, 2021, Ventura County extended its indoor mandatory mask mandate through October 19, 2021, for both the vaccinated and unvaccinated. County officials are concerned about the increased transmission of COVID-19, specifically among the unvaccinated. The mandate requires all persons to wear a face covering indoors, including the workplace. Masks must also be worn inside all government buildings,

To Qualify, Single Member LLCs and sole-proprietorship would have to become S-corporations or Partnerships for Tax Filing Purposes.

  • Since the Tax Cut and Jobs Act was passed, there’s been a $10,000 cap on the state and local/property tax deduction on individual federal income tax returns.
  • However, California now offers workarounds, allowing some pass-through business owners to sidestep the limit on

On August 23, 2021, the FDA approved Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine. The vaccine will be marketed as Comirnaty and is approved for people who are 16 years of age and older. The FDA’s approval will very likely encourage more employers to mandate that its employees receive the vaccine.

Some employers have been reluctant to mandate vaccinations, but researchers believe that the

Cal/OSHA Guidelines for Employers

After nearly 15 months of being quarantined, tested, facemasked, socially-distanced, and finally vaccinated, Californians are returning to “normalcy”, which in many instances, means returning to the workplace. Below you will find what Employers need to know about Cal/OSHA’s COVID-19 Prevention Temporary Standards, including what has changed, what remains the same, and what to expect as

Many employers use rounding to adjust an employee’s work hours to the nearest whole time increment, such as five or ten minutes. Employers beware! However, in a newly published decision, timekeeping rounding must not apply to meal periods.

California employers must provide employees with a 30-minute, uninterrupted meal period that begins no later than the end of the fifth hour