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Latest from 21st Century Taxation  AB 192 (Chapter 5, 6/30/22) adds a few tax provisions including the Better for Families Tax Refund. This will provide a one-tie rebate to most California taxpayers other than those with 2020 Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) above $500,000 and individuals with income so low they were not required to file a 2020 return and did not do so. 

Today marks the 15th anniversary of my blog. I still try to post at least once per week on a tax policy matter and hope for comments and discussion to promote greater focus on various tax policy issues that exist in our current tax systems and in proposals to make tax changes. I also note where provisions and proposals meet

The Affordable Care Act enables individuals to not only purchase insurance on an exchange but to also get a subsidy for it if they qualify. That subsidy is the Premium Tax Credit (PTC). There are eligibility criteria such as purchasing the coverage on an exchange (such as Covered California), if the person is employed the employer does not offer affordable