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An increasing number of high-profile on camera talent lawsuits alleging breach of contract is resulting in scrutiny of the business practices of Netflix and Disney.

Carole Baskin vs Netflix and Royal Goode Productions

Carole Baskin and her husband, recently sued Netflix and “Tiger King 2” production company Royal Goode Productions for breach of contract. In the lawsuit, the Baskins alleged

In our last blog post, “Streaming Has Created a Showrunner Problem,” we discussed how the streaming of motion picture content and the binge-watching model of dropping all series episodes at once has not only changed the way Hollywood writers typically create.  It has also negatively impacted other workers in the entertainment and media industries. Among other impacts, according to SAG-AFTRA

The motion picture industry provides abundant opportunity for creative professionals to put their unique skills to work, because in no other industry can you find job roles that are more unique.

Showrunners Disrupted

One of these distinctive roles is that of the TV series showrunner, a position that combines the creative writer role with the traditional producer-manager role. A showrunner

How to handle your management relationship in an area with few formal rules and standards.

Influencers have been disrupting the online advertising world for several years now, challenging traditional advertising methods and creatively leveraging their popularity for brand promotions. Since 2019 the influencer social media advertising space has skyrocketed, benefitting many influencers, but also allowing some to be taken advantage

I’m often contacted by producers, writers, software designers/engineers and other creative professionals concerned about the provisions of a media or IP company’s employment agreement they are considering.  Typically the company’s proposed employment offer letter or agreement and attached standard terms will aggressively provide that the company owns all of your creative work without making any distinction as to creative works

Here are some key points to keep in mind if you are approached by a blockchain developer to license your content for NFT (non-fungible token) creation and sale.

Scope of NFT Licensed Rights

If you only want to license your content for purposes of NFT creation, it’s critical that the scope of the license agreement is limited to NFT purposes