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Each year people plan their new year’s resolutions and each year, for many people, “get will done” is on the list.  Another year has passed and, for many of us, that is one more year without a proper estate plan in place.  Please talk to an experienced attorney and get your estate in order.  For most people, with assets such

The question of where to file probate for a California bank account, when the person who died lived in another state or country, brings into play what are called the ancillary probate rules.  Ancillary probate essentially means there are assets in two “states” and by state that could include a foreign nation.
In cases where there is real estate in

I ask the question why are many attorneys so slow but really the question for today is why are some California probate attorneys so slow… and the converse… why are we SO EFFICIENT?
I have heard countless times over the year compliments such as:
“you are so efficient”
“you always get back to me so fast”
“I never thought an

Many people are unsure and unaware how attorney fees and court costs work in a California probate case.  With amazing house appreciation the last 10 years I wanted to talk a little bit about how house appreciation and probate costs work.
This came to mind as I am working on a new matter where the decedent bought her home in