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U.S. District Judge Raag Singhal in South Florida sentenced Jason Van Eman, a 44-year-old movie producer from Oklahoma to 262 months in prison for his part in a financing scheme that defrauded investors out of more than $60 million. The defendant was also ordered to pay $9 million in restitution. After a six-week jury trial, a  federal jury found Van Eman, doing business

 An author’s heirs has sued Paramount Pictures Corporation in federal court over the underlying rights to the  hit movie Top Gun: Maverick, which plaintiffs contend is  a  sequel to the original movie. Ehud Yonay wrote the original 1983 article in California magazine titled “Top Guns,” from which the 1986 motion picture “Top Gun” (the “1986 Film”) was based. According to

Mark was interviewed by Newsweek regarding Hollywood actor Depp lawsuit against his ex-wife Heard, 35, for $50 million alleging that she defamed him in an opinion piece in The Washington Post in December 2018. Mark explained the differences between U.K. and U.S law regarding defamation actions. In the U.S.A., public figures like Depp and Heard have to prove actual malice to

Recently artists like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell demanded that  Spotify take down their music from their service.  They objected to Spotify hosting Joe Rogan’s podcast, one of Spotify’s most popular podcasts, because it spread  COVID-19 misinformation. Whether an artist has the right to take down their music is an interesting question. For sound recordings that are audio-only (meaning no video),

The International Film and Television Alliance (IFTA) which is known for providing arbitration of disputes with experienced entertainment attorneys has entered into an agreement with the American Arbitration Association (AAA) and the International Centre for Dispute Resolution (ICDR), to administer its cases as of January 1, 2022.As part of this new arrangement, IFTA has promulgated new Rules which designate ICDR as

I am once again presenting  my Risky Business seminar for the New York Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts. However, this year the seminar will be in the form of an online webinar on Zoom. The seminar will be presented over two days, 3 hours each day. For those of you who have wanted to attend this seminar but could not

The federal government is  cracking down on  those who exploit anonymous shell corporations, front companies, and other loopholes to hide ownership of small businesses and their beneficial owners. While meant to deter  crimes, such as corruption, drug and arms trafficking, the law will also  result in a lack of anonymity for investors in film projects. The Anti-Money Laundering Act of

There are different ways  to finance a film.   One path is to present a package of script, principal actors,    director, and budget  to a major studio like Warner Brothers  with a  request that they  finance the project.If the studio  says yes, keeping  in mind that only a small percentage of the projects pitched are approved,  the studio  will  provide the