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Louis Lehot — Venture Growth & Private Equity InvestorsLouis Lehot is a consummate lawyer and a master networker, with productive relationships that span the globe. His startup and emerging company clients value his strong ties to venture funds, corporate venture arms, and private equity investors. His fund and investor clients rely on him for his deep and geographically diverse experience and

An initial public offering (IPO) is a crucial time in the life of a company and its stakeholders. Initial investors, employees, and executives can profit from the public listing, and the company can raise additional capital. But IPOs come with a number of limitations, some required and some just common. Today, lock-up agreements, once a common feature of IPOs,

Friends,Welcome to another edition of our monthly newsletter. Our team remains extremely busy and continues to grow! Similarly, the tech world is consistently evolving and changing, to which we’re honored to support our clients on emerging issues and share our insights with you. This edition highlights our team’s work in a variety of industries, including startup financing, NFTs, and data

This checklist should help those involved in creating NFT marketplaces navigate the legal metaverse.By Catherine Zhu and Louis LehotWith the growing interest from consumers and asset managers, investors as well as entrepreneurs interested in digital assets, we have created this checklist for monetizing items with unique artistic content characteristics through nonfungible tokens (NFTs).We have seen businesses that aggregate content to

“There’s a bipartisan view in Washington, D.C., that the technology industry should be carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey, that it’s too powerful and makes too much profit,” Foley & Lardner partner Louis Lehot warned.By Hugo Guzman | November 08, 2021With Big Tech under more and more scrutiny on Capitol Hill, and Federal Trade Commission Chairwoman Lina Khan signaling an era of

Seven key emerging technologies to drive economic outcomes in 2022: Adaptation of law and policy and capital deployment will determine the winnersLouis Lehot talks about key emerging technologies that are drawing funding and are most likely to drive economic growth at an unprecedented pace.As the end of the record year 2021 approaches, global venture investors are racing to deploy capital

New Data From KeyBanc Demonstrates SAAS Companies Poised to Power the Post-Pandemic Recovery in 2022Louis Lehot discusses supply chain disruptions in 2020 due to pandemic shutdowns, and how SAAS companies have rebounded strongly due to accelerated digital transformation.While the pandemic shutdowns of 2020 have led to supply chain disruptions, dampening growth across the physical universe, SAAS companies have rebounded strongly

Louis Lehot articulates why taking your company from a great idea to a successful business starts with choosing the most appropriate legal structure at formation. When structuring your new business, there are many considerations when choosing between a sole proprietorship, S-Corp, C-Corp, or LLC. Each option comes with unique attributes from a corporate, taxation, employment, commercial and investment perspective that

Navigating the Legal Cloud: How to Manage Data and Intellectual Property with Cloud Orchestration PlatformsAuthor: Louis LehotAs the way we live and work has increasingly moved into virtual environments (I like to call it a legal metaverse), the boundaries between physical, digital, and biological worlds become blurrier by the day. Sensors lie within devices installed across every aspect of