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If you have a sharp team that’s working well together, especially in tech, you might sell your company in an acquihire — even if you have yet to ring up your first dollar of sales. The tech hiring market is so tight that acquihires have become a common way for big companies to staff up quickly.➡️In an acquihire, the buyer primarily wants your

Friends, Please find below our August monthly newsletter about the global Silicon Valley. In this issue, we share news, insights, data and practical solutions to business and legal challenges in entrepreneurship and investing. We are pleased to welcome Alidad Vakili to the firm, who joins our San Francisco office as an of counsel in the Transactions Practice Group. Alidad regularly

Congress is considering proposed antitrust legislation known as the American Innovation and Choice Online Act, or the self-preferencing bill. If enacted, the bill would prohibit some of the largest American internet platforms from adopting certain practices that would give preference to their own products, services or lines of business over those offered by other users of those platforms.Some things to

In 2021, we saw a cryptocurrency boom with record highs and a flurry of activity. However, this year, the cryptocurrency downturn has been significant. We have seen drops in various cryptocurrencies ranging from 20 to 70 percent, with an estimated $2 trillion in losses in the past few months.Industry watchers had already predicted a spike in crypto M&A from the beginning

Foley & Lardner LLP’s Saige Gallop and I recently represented New Enterprise Associates (NEA) as the lead investor in the $6 million seed round for integration platform AI Squared. Ridgeline Partners LLC also participated in the funding round.➡️ AI Squared helps companies adopt artificial intelligence by using a low-code platform to integrate it into existing applications in a timely

Happy Friday friends.Before we head into the 4th of July holiday weekend, especially for those in the US, sharing a post about a new book that bridges #music and #business.👉 We all know the #RollingStones, their iconic tunes and their industrial-scale concerts. What might have appeared like a straightforward career path was in fact full of obstacles.👉 However, through

Organizations today face an uphill battle managing supply chain-related issues.On one front companies are encountering frequent and extensive shipment and delivery delays, while on the other suppliers are enduring sky-high freight costs.It is uncertain when these challenges will return to baseline, but the consensus is clear: disruptions to supply chain transportation and freight are far from over.Read more for an overview on

Cryptocurrency has been a digital Wild West for over a decade. In the past 13 years, bitcoin alone has minted tens of thousands of millionaires, and a trillion-dollar industry has risen up to serve cryptocurrencies that proponents call the future of finance.In the absence of a statutory scheme designed for its existence, entrepreneurs have struggled to innovate with compliance designed in,

Foley Represents TDK Ventures as Lead Investor in $25M Funding Round for Green Hydrogen-Electrolysis Startup VerdagyFoley & Lardner LLP represented TDK Ventures Inc. as lead investor in green hydrogen-electrolysis startup Verdagy. Other investors in this oversubscribed round of financing totaling $25 million included Khosla Ventures, Shell Ventures, Doral Energy Tech Ventures, Temasek, BHP Ventures, and Orbia Ventures.Verdagy is focused on the